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Lloris: Tottenham must move onto next level

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Published in Soccer
Thursday, 18 July 2019 04:32

SINGAPORE -- Hugo Lloris has told ESPN FC that Tottenham must move on from being a "young team" with potential and seize the opportunity to take the club to the next level.

Spurs begin their preseason preparations with an International Champions Cup clash against Juventus in Singapore on Sunday (Live on ESPN 2/ Deportes at 7:30 a.m. ET), 50 days after being beaten by Liverpool in the Champions League final.

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But with Mauricio Pochettino's team going so close to glory last season, captain Lloris said he believes the squad has arrived at a crucial moment and must use the experience of that defeat as a springboard to achieving the club's ambitions.

"We used to repeat that our team is a young team, but it has been five years now that we have worked together and I think it is the moment to come closer," Lloris told ESPN FC. "A few weeks ago, it was the final of the Champions League and it has to give us even more motivation and confidence for the future.

"It's always good to learn from what you have done in the season before, but the most important thing is to move on and look ahead of us. There are plenty of challenges and we will do our best like we always do. It is about details and we need to learn from the last two-three seasons.

"We have achieved great things for the club because it is always good to remember where it was a few years ago and where it is today. But it doesn't change -- our motivation is always to push our limits and improve every season."

Having helped France to World Cup glory in 2018 after suffering defeat in the final of Euro 2016, Lloris said teams can take both pain and motivation from losing a major final.

"It's both feelings," he said. "The first one is that it will be a great memory for the Spurs community -- to have so many fans in Madrid was an amazing feeling, but what we have done and lived together as an emotion will not replace the taste of the defeat.

"It's even tougher when it happens in the final, but it is football and the most important thing is how you react after that type of feeling. The best way is to move on together and make a big effort because every season is more difficult than the previous one.

"We know that the Premier League is the most competitive league in the world and it is a big task to win the Premier League and to affirm your ambition. But I think it is the same for the other challengers -- for Liverpool, [Manchester] City, [Manchester] United, Arsenal and Chelsea -- and for us.

"We are going to try to build our season, step-by-step, and get the right feeling from day one in August and look ahead and be ready to fight. Obviously, City and Liverpool made an amazing season last year and they showed the way, in terms of consistency and results.

"But we know that the difference between a very good season and a massive one is so short."

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