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Jamal Adams finally clears the air with GM, Gase

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Published in Breaking News
Thursday, 07 November 2019 14:54

FLORHAM PARK, N.J. -- It took nearly a week, but New York Jets safety Jamal Adams finally met with general manager Joe Douglas to discuss the trade-deadline brouhaha that left Adams fuming.

Adams called it a productive discussion, saying Thursday that he doesn't want to play anywhere else. He said it's his "calling" to play for the Jets and lead them to a Super Bowl.

The meeting, which included coach Adam Gase, occurred on Monday. Previously, Adams refused to meet with them because he was upset that he was dangled in trade talks.

"It went well. I told them I don't hate those guys," Adams said. "They said they don't hate me. I have nothing but love and respect for them, you know what I mean? We've moved on. We apologized to each other.

"We went about it a little different way on both ends. It is what it is. You live and learn. It's part of life. It's not going to hurt our relationship or how I feel about this organization."

As recently as last Friday, Adams said he wasn't ready to sit down with Douglas to discuss the matter. The Pro Bowl safety talked with CEO Christopher Johnson because he felt "comfortable" with him, but he iced his coach and GM.

The story blew up Oct. 29, when it was reported that the Jets listened to offers from the Dallas Cowboys. A few days earlier, Adams told team officials he wanted to remain in New York. As soon as the trade deadline passed, an angry Adams fired off a tweet, saying Douglas "went behind my back" by shopping him to teams.

Douglas said he didn't shop Adams, but rather listened when teams called. At the time, Adams said he wasn't sure if he fit into the team's long-term plans. He said he was "hurt" that the organization didn't consider him on the level of Aaron Donald and Tom Brady. He told friends he would've welcomed a trade to the Cowboys, his hometown team.

On Thursday, Adams backtracked, professing his love for the Jets.

"Yeah, I would love to be here, man," he said. "I would love to be here. Simple as that. I want to bring success to this organization. I want to bring a Super Bowl to this organization."

Alluding to his father, former New York Giants running back George Adams, he added: "That's why I feel like I was placed in New York, to pick up where my dad left off. His career was cut short. I just feel like it's my calling.

"But I don't know those things, you know what I mean? But do I want to be here? Yes, of course."

Adams, drafted sixth overall in 2017, is signed through 2020, plus a team option for 2021. His contract could be an issue in the offseason. He's due to make only $3.5 million, and there's a chance he may demand a new deal.

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