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Kroos: Waiving salaries prevents player donations

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Published in Soccer
Tuesday, 07 April 2020 14:16

Toni Kroos has said he believes players' salaries shouldn't be cut during the coronavirus pandemic -- arguing that it would be better for wages to be paid in full, and then used to donate to good causes.

"Waiving salary is like a donation in vain, or to the club," the Real Madrid midfielder told the SWR Sport podcast. "It should be an option for everyone to consider. I think it's even better to get the full salary and then do the right thing with it."

While several La Liga clubs, including Barcelona and Atletico Madrid, have reached agreements with players to temporarily reduce salaries by 70 percent as they seek to protect themselves from the financial impact of COVID-19, Real Madrid are yet to take any action.

"I don't think it's necessary here," Kroos said. "The other thing is the question of what I do with all the money I get. We must all help where help is needed. And there are a lot of places where help is needed right now."

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La Liga has urged its clubs to apply for ERTEs, a Spanish employment law which enables companies to introduce pay cuts in extraordinary circumstances, "as an exceptional measure to reduce the negative impact that COVID-19 is having in the sector and to guarantee its recovery afterwards."

On Tuesday, La Liga president Javier Tebas suggested May 28th, June 6th or even June 28th as possible return dates.

"Many clubs already don't have the income they planned to have, and there are many clubs who need that money," Kroos said when asked about the effects of the enforced break on football. "It all depends how long everything will stand still. Quite a few clubs will be able to keep their heads above water for a certain time, others will have difficulties."

"If football returns in May, you'll find solutions, also with grants, and everything will be normal," he added. "But if you say no football until the winter, I can imagine a couple of clubs will be no more and that would automatically drastically change football."

Real Madrid are in a stronger financial position than rivals Barcelona or Atletico Madrid, but they have been hit hard nonetheless, losing out on matchday revenue and income from the popular Bernabeu tour.

Transfer planning has been put on hold as the club await clarity on their budget, how this season will end and when the next will begin.

"We're privileged here because Real won't be the first club to run into financial difficulties," Kroos said when asked about the transfer market. "But the question will be whether fees will remain as high as in recent years. It might not be all that bad if that's not the case, because it was a bit extreme."

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